S.A.G (Save a Girl) campaign

Help us protect a girl from sexual abuse and early marriage, at John Hicks High School in the Ivory Coast, West Africa.
Save A Girl campaign will help us create a program to give a girl the opportunity to travel abroad for a period of time.
This would empower the girl by exposing her to cultural diversities, enabling her to help another girl when returning to her home town.
I- What created this situation
Girls from John Hicks High School often have to be placed in hosting families in the near-by town of Lakota, their village being located miles away from the school.
These girls will find themselves living with strangers, which can lead to all kind of abuse. The parents either have to ignore these abuses, or have the girls stay in the village without education and any future, just helping the family to survive with the option to get married at an early age. The girls are often used as maids for the children of these hosting families. II- What is the solution?
The solution is a school bus which would allow the girls to be under parental supervision.

S.O.S. School bus needed

Our students have to walk miles to school and miles back to their village in the dark..

Telling our children's story

Our students at John Hicks High School have to wake up as early as 4am to attend a class that will start at 7am. This is a long 3-step walk.

  • The first step is to walk from their hut in the village to the main street.
  • The second step, along the main street.
  • The last step, from the main street to the school.
  • The dangerous part of these steps is to pass a cemetary, or cross a hevea (rubber tree) plantation, where they can be aggressed, especially while walking alone after 6pm.

    In raining seasons, the road is impracticable and they get splashed with mud by passing-by motorcycles.

    Mrs Josephine Yobo, the WeHASS representative of the school, explains how hard it is for the children to walk to school. The students often run late to class and these long walks have a detremental impact on their health and grades.

    Josephine explains that she tried to walk with them these three long steps, and ended up exhausted and dehydrated.

    A school bus for these children, would likely result in improved grades at school and better overall health.

WeHASS Mission

Our mission is to help African Students Succeed by building more schools and providing tuition and other financial assistance to underprivileged students

Travel With Us to Africa and help our students succeed!

Trips are open anytime you are ready. Our next group trip is scheduled for December 2022. WeHASS will help you fundraise to come up with the budget needed for your trip.

ZOOM event 2021 Christmas Celebration was fun. We were able to connect with students, parents, teachers and school staff, from the US.


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