We can help you with extracurricular activities

When you volunteer for WeHASS you will be helping African students succeed. This counts as educational, social and philanthropic activity credits. Connecting American students with African students leads to participation in giving valuable importance to diversity in your exposure to different groups. Your participation can help promote African adolescents becoming more socially intelligent and responsible adults. In the process, you will acquire more leadership skills. This connection may go as far as organizing fundraiser trips to Africa to actually get to know African students.



Boost your employment prospects

Volunteering with WeHASS will give a boost to your resume and gives you a better chance at success when looking for a new job.

You can join your employer's gift matching program which will match the amount of your donation. This will allow you to reach your donation goal faster.


Join a worthy cause

Put your time and money to work for a worthy cause. As a retiree, volunteering leads to higher overall well-being and adds a sense of purpose to your life.


Volunteering for WeHASS gives you a sense of purpose

Volunteering for WeHASS is good for your career. Volunteering makes you build strong relationships with others. Volunteers live longuer and are healthier. Volunteering is a good way for you to socialize.