Explaining the need for a school bus.

John Hicks High school is built near Lakota, a small town in south-central Ivory Coast, with 51 villages in its surroundings. Some of the villages have a primary school but no high school.

Students from these villages sometime have to walk over six miles to high school.

We would like to provide our high school with a school bus in order to pick up the students from these villages and then return them back home in the evening.

Please see below, how far away each village is in relation to our school. A school bus would quickly fix this problem.
Names of villages Miles Kilometers
Didier Bouke 5 1/2 9
Gbahiri 4 1/2 7
Grand Deboua 4 1/2 7
Djidjie South 4 6
Nassalilie 4 6
Niakpalilie 3 5
Gazolilie 2 1/2 4
Koudoulilie 2 1/2 4
Akabreboua 2 3
Dahiri 0.3 500m