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Our mission is to help African dtudents succeed at school. We do this by building more schools and providing tuition and other financial assistance to underprivileged students.

About WeHASS

WeHASS was founded by John and Delphine Hicks. In September 2018 the couple, using their own resources, built and opened the first High School in a rural area of the Ivory Coast in West Africa. The school is located between the village of Dahiri and the small town of Lakota. It is deprived of modern electricity, water and internet systems. Because it lacks transportation for the students, the underprivileged children that WeHASS helps must walk miles to school and miles back to their village in the dark each schoolday.


Delphine Hicks holds the titles of Pharmacist ; Vice President Executive Board member of the Los Angeles UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers); Pharmacy Professional Division Board member. At state level, she worked with the California State Board of Pharmacy on law proposals and lobbying with California Senators, Congressmnn and Congresswomen for the improvement of Pharmacy employees' working conditions and the protection of consumers. Delphine was then a candidate through Governor Gavin Newsom's office to sit at the California State Board of Pharmacy right before retirement. She obtained her Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy and managed her own private pharmacy in the Ivory Coast before moving to the United States where she attended a foreign graduate program at the University of Southern California (USC) to become a licensed pharmacist in California.

Erika Coronado is a registered Dietitian who has a passion for sharing her knowledge with the world, and the right place for her would be the UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Funds), to better provide for underprivileged children.
Erika obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Sciences at California State University Los Angeles while working as a pharmacy technician. She is ready to share her knowledge in pharmacy, nutrition, and now as a registered dietitian around the world.
She has been actively supportive in building a high school for underprivileged students in the Ivory Coast. The Ivory Coast is a French speaking country located in West Africa. Erika joined WeHASS (We Help African Students Succeed) and she intends to travel to Africa to be closer to the children she cares for.
Erika worked with the WIC (Women-Infants-Children) program, a Non-Profit Organization, in Los Angeles and is now a Registered Dietitian(RDN) at Fresenius Medical Care North America- Iowa State university.

Joyce holds the Title of Vice President at UFCW Local 770 Executive Board. she currently works at KEYT-TV, channel 3, and at Rite Aid Drugstores Corporation.

Sara studied microbiology, Immunology and molecular genetics (MIMG) at UCLA and works at UCLA's Johnson Comprehensive cancer Center.


WeHASS N.G.O. in the Ivory Coast.


WeHASS Ivory Coast team


WeHASS N.G.O. in Ghana